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A bit about the designers…

Nestled in the lovely central Pennsylvania community of Camp Hill, we have turned a leisure time love for designing and fabricating one-of-a-kind stained glass jewels for ourselves and friends into fulfilling our “what’s next in our lives” passion. Many creative years later we have designed and fabricated a rich tapestry of wearable jewel art pieces which have been personally selected or gifted to the most amazing women and men from near and far!

The design process…

 Thoughtfully, we combine mixed metals (of German silver, brass and copper), rough minerals, semi-precious stones, pearls, opals, druzys, Swarovski crystals, and most recently vintage jewels with breathtakingly beautiful hand-cut pieces of stained glass wrapped in lead-free silver solder with the most unusually imaginative and stunning results!

Each jewel is one-of-a-kind; created and fabricated by us … and never replicated.

A dream comes true for Candace …

From the day my mother Betty gifted me with a coloring book, paste, and a rainbow of colorful tubes of glitter at age four … I began my love affair with color, texture, and sparkle.  Using my vivid imagination, and translating that love in many creative ways I also looked forward to visiting many, many art festivals throughout the years … searching for that special art piece; talking with artists along the way, and finally making that perfect piece my own.

Today, our home is filled with several of our own stained glass pieces as well as with beautiful art pieces of many mediums designed and created by so many talented artists from across the country.

That so many wonderful clients have chosen to add a jewel from our cache to their own jewelry chest is so gratifying and such an honor … and honestly a dream come true!

Don Cothard, Best in Show Award for Imagination in Glass

At David's Furniture  with a cache of our latest jewels  … celebrating Mechanicsburg Wine and Art Walk!


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